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At New Horizon Tree Service, we have been absolutely nuts about trees for 35 years.  Our services include: Tree Removal, EMERGENCY Tree Removal, Trimming, Crown Reduction, Stump Grinding, Stump Removal, Brush Removal, Land Clearing, Wood Removal. We provide services for residential, commercial and HOA.  Our Arborist is ready 24/7 whether you’re having a major tree emergency or simply need a little off the top.

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Tree Removal

Like most inhabitants of Mother Earth, we are into tree preservation, but sometimes this is not an option. Dead and diseased trees present a hazard to not only your home but neighboring houses as well. We have all the equipment necessary to make your property safe for everyone. Of course removal isn’t always life or death. It’s OK to simply want more yard, maybe to make room for a deck or pool. Whatever the reasoning behind removal NEW HORIZON TREE SERVICE can get it done. We are Nuts About Trees!

Emergency Tree Removal

Nature can be unpredictable, but you can rely on New Horizon Tree Service. Our trained and qualified work crews have many years of experience with assessing and promptly removing damaged or hazardous trees that pose a threat to you and your property. Using state of the art equipment and specialized machinery, our experienced staff is always available for emergency tree removal and damage assessment. If you suspect that a tree on your property is dangerous, contact New Horizon Tree Service and we will evaluate whether it needs to be trimmed or removed, and determine the safest way to remove it.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is where we carefully remove branches to decrease the height and/or width of a tree’s crown. This is crucial because it allows the nutrients and water to go directly to the branches thus promoting positive tree health. A well executed reduction can help ensure there is less for the wind to grab onto which, in turn, makes your tree safer for you and your property. We really give a tree a good polished look allowing the wind to blow freely through it. A little maintenance can really prevent very costly work in the future.

Tree Shaping

Symmetry and aesthetics is truly important to us. Nobody wants an ugly tree on their property so we can shape your tree while respecting its integrity. 

Tree Trimming

Apart from simply making your tree look good, trimming also allows proper sunlight and moisture access. We recommend scheduling trimming twice a year to really maintain the clean and aesthetically pleasing look most desire. 

Land Clearing

Has your field or lot been forgotten about for months and needs a bit more muscle? Did you know overgrown pieces of land can be a hazardous to people and their pets? Are you purchasing a piece of property to build your dream home? Clearing lots of brush and various types of overgrowth let’s you enjoy more of your property and utilize more space to landscape and build.

All Services.

At New Horizon Tree Service, we are more than just a tree service provider; we are a committed member of our community. We believe in making a positive impact not only through the services we provide but also by contributing to the health and beauty of our local environment. Our dedication to excellence goes hand-in-hand with our responsibility to the community—ensuring safe, healthy, and vibrant green spaces for all to enjoy.

Each job we undertake is performed with the utmost care and respect for the property, the people, and the local wildlife, reflecting our deep-rooted commitment to nurturing and preserving our shared natural surroundings. Choose us, because when you do, you’re choosing a partner who cares about your safety and the well-being of our community.

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